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CIVETSColombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa
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Civet was remarkable, possibly unique, among animal-derived aromatics in the pre-modern era, in that the civets themselves could easily be kept in captivity and traded over large distances--assuring a less adulterated material, at least for traders, and what we would nowadays call a "sustainable" resource, so long as the animal itself was not endangered.
The HSBC GIF CIVETS fund seeks to generate long-term returns, and focuses on the CIVETS countries, Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa.
Kopi Luwak, which is grown in Indonesia, is the world's rarest coffee, and it is sold for 400 dollars per kg.he beans pass through the digestive system of the civet, a small cat-like mammal, and are then separated from the faeces and processed before being sent to coffee fanatics all over the world.
Kopi luak is reputedly the best of all coffees because civets eat only the most perfectly ripe cherries.
The results are consistent with preliminary determinations of a joint research team from Chinas Ministry of Agriculture and Guangdong Province, which found that sequences of coronavirus detected by polymerase chain reaction in bats, monkeys, masked palm civets, and snakes were identical to or similar to those of human SARS-CoV isolates.
The civet cat may look like a weasel, but southern Chinese have eaten them for centuries and that famous fondness for the exotic may have inadvertently set off the Sars crisis, researchers said yesterday.
The down side is that the only food during your expedition may turn out to be boiled civet, a creature related to the skunk with which it shares a regrettable talent for making bad smells.
Authorities found evidence including: two live turtles weighing 17kg; 15 Asian soft-shelled turtles weighing 26.8kg; four unspecified turtles weighing 20kg; one live python weighing 10.5kg; 16kg of wild boar meat; 6.5kg of red muntjac meat, four dead civets weighing 8.5kg; and 14 pairs of bears' nails.
It was later discovered that the Philippine Eagle also eats civets, large snakes, monitor lizards and flying lemurs, among others.
Kopi Luwak coffee is made from civet feces and as the drink has grown in popularity, more and more civets are being captured for production and have become a protected species.