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This genus is sister to Malpighia and a large group of Old World genera, with Mascagnia sister to the whole clade (Davis & Anderson, 2010), and its morphology reflects that position (Anderson et al.
Phylogenetic analysis for the NADH1 gene was fully congruent and showed the occurrence of two diverged genetic clades (I and II).
The sister taxa hypothesis between Speothos and Chrysocyon was the only conflicting clade whose temporal gap was significantly longer than the mean temporal gap of all other well-supported clades (t = -2.
Melanotettix is part of a clade that also includes Machaerocera, another "bridge-genus" between Acridinae and Oedipodinae (Otte 1984).
This is the first time a monoclonal antibody made against an AIDS virus of one clade has provided complete protection against an AIDS virus of a different clade in animal models," said senior author Ruth Ruprecht, of Dana-Farber.
Phylogenetic position of Eurycea lucifuga--The cytochrome B phylogenetic tree showed strong support (100% values for both the Bayesian clade credibility and distance bootstrap analyses) for a clade including E.
In the deeper waters of the Caribbean, clades B and C are the most common coral symbionts, while clade C is more predominant in the reefs of the Pacific.
Bootstrap values for 1000 replicates are shown (below or in front of the number of the respective clade, in percentage, i.
all possible indicators of the probability that future researchers will not recover the taxon" in analyses that disagree with the proposed classification; that is, the stability of the clade must be conserved, and (3) The phenotypic diagnosability criterion, which requires that the species-content of a taxon "can be easily grasped phenotypically by nontaxonomists.
This plasmid is highly conserved in isolates of ST131 and is probably ancestral to the C1/H30R clade because it is present in all the [bla.
mesophaeum takes its position in the opposite Clade II (Fig.