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CLAMCredit Lyonnais Asset Management (Credit Lyonnais SA)
CLAMCerebellar Atrophy with Progressive Microcephaly
CLAMCarrefour de Liaison et d'Aide Multiethnique (French: Crossroads Connection and Multiethnic Support; Canada)
CLAMCall Assignment Message
CLAMCost Less All Materials
CLAMCongressional Left, Academia, Media (political term by Jeff Cooper)
CLAMCommercial Leasing Action Message
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They are predominantly found in the Indo-Pacific region, and the largest clam can grow up to one metre long, and weigh over 300 kilogrammes.
8-hectare ocean nursery of giant clams off Silaqui Island at the northernmost tip of this town facing the West Philippine Sea.
A genetic and physical analysis, however, shows this new clam is distinct from the others in its family in the river.
Within the last four decades, statewide clam landings, a proxy for clam production, have decreased by nearly 75% whereas dockside revenues have increased ca.
While there, a number of these folks try their luck at digging up a delicious clam dinner.
Breakdown of a symbiotic bond between seagrasses along the West African coast and tiny lucinid clams can exacerbate damage in hard times, researchers say online March 10 in Current Biology.
There are two species of hard clam in Florida: the northern quahog (Mercenaria mercenaria) and the southern quahog (Mercenaria campechiensis).
Adecor, Island Garden City of Samal - Fifteen years ago, giant clams locally known as "Taklobo" were already considered rare in the areas of the Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) as their numbers have continued to decrease due to over consumption by humans.
The team isolated ways to date the stone terraces that created clam beaches.
In the spring of 1907, Morris hired 20 Wisconsin clam men and brought them to Michigan as the workforce for his newly minted Michigan Pearl Button Company.
However, these studies did not determine the minimum tolerable levels of salinity for the yellow clam.
Nearly four weeks ago, the Daily Post reported how razor clam collectors had returned to the same beach.