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CLAMPContact Lens and Myopia Progression (clinical study; Optometry)
CLAMPClimate Leaf Analysis Multivariate Program
CLAMPCapitol Lake Adaptive Management Plan (Washington)
CLAMPContinuous Look Attack Management for Predator (US Air Force)
CLAMPClosed-Loop Aeronautical Management Program
CLAMPClosed Loop Aeronautical Materials Program
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"And here are the iron clamps. How well it was mended!"
It was most probable that it was because I had laid over the clamps of those doors garlic, which the UnDead cannot bear, and other things which they shun.
"With one of the clamps of my bedstead; and this very tool has sufficed me to hollow out the road by which I came hither, a distance of about fifty feet."
The clamps are made of high-grade plastic and because they're lighter than steel ones, no extra stress is put on what you're clamping.
The clamp arm lengths are 42 and 48mm, respectively, and are complete with a tapped hole on the clamping arm for provides knife edge, slot, uniforce, toe, low profile, and expansion clamp designs.
New from NewAge Industries are its clamps in 3 different fitting attachment styles.
Mechanics, tie rod clamps that are pointed the wrong way can do a lot of damage.
* A handscrew clamp consists of two hardwood clamping jaws adjusted to the work by two steel screw spindles assembled into the jaws.
Wood & Wood Products talked to case clamp distributors and manufacturers across the country to see just how much money and time a case clamp could save and how much it could increase productivity.
Stauff manufactures a broad clamp range including standard, heavy, twin, special, light, construction, tube and pipe cushion, U-bolt and metal clamp options.
* Clamped dimension to the 70mm--there will be no manipulation with parts, which will overreach this dimension.
The Allrounder 520 U has 520 x 520 mm tiebar spacing and a choice of clamp: 143, 165, or 176 tons.