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CLARChannel Local Address Register
CLARCentral Laboratory for Aquaculture Research
CLARConker Live and Reloaded (gaming)
CLARComputer Assisted Legal Research
CLARCrude Liquid Argon
CLARCommunications Loading Analysis Report
CLARCustom Location Alternate Routing
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Clarify CarePartners, trained clinical educators, act as the first line of support for patients coaching them on the use of the system and encouraging treatment adherence greatly reducing the burden of these functions on the physician's practice.
21 and 223 to clarify that, for purposes of those sections, the new dependent definition is applied without reference to the earnings limit and the special exclusions for individuals who are married or claimed as dependents on other taxpayers' returns.
Two new requirements have raised the threshold for the adequacy of audit documentation: that workpapers should be understandable to experienced auditors having no connection to the audit and that oral explanations may be used only to explain or clarify written documentation.
Finally, take the time to clarify the role faculty and staff will play in implementing and sustaining the brand.
CLARiFY can be used to print out an easy-to-follow visual digest of what the coding information should look like, with an explanation of any variations made by the planning department, and other related instructions such as the requirement for promotional flash labelling.
Lobbyists recommended the agency ask Assemblymen David Kelley, R-Palm Desert, who has a reputation of handling water issues, to introduce AB 134 to help clarify the language since it was his original bill in 1990.
Hence the need for Clarify, which is very strong in the call center sector.
64 of the Federal Register to clarify the required Medicare assessment schedule, which says that assessments must be performed on days 5, 14, 30, 60, and 90 after admission.
Of course, when a suspect makes an ambiguous or equivocal statement, it will often be good police practice for the interviewing officers to clarify whether or not he actually wants an attorney.
Her book contains many detailed observations which clarify the architectural history of specific parts of the palace complex, but it is the creation of a broader frame of reference for the structure's history which is this book's most important contribution.
On the contrary, the effective performance evaluation provides an opportunity to set goals, clarify expectations, reinforce a job well done, initiate change, and foster a healthy working relationship between supervisor and employee.
NASDAQ: PCTI), a leader in simplifying wireless and site solutions for private and public networks, announced today the next-generation drive test tool for its innovative Clarify Interference Management System, the Clarify NGx.