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CLASHCitizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment (New York, NY)
CLASHCluster Lensing and Supernova Survey with Hubble (astronomy)
CLASHCoalition of Lavender Americans on Smoking and Health (est. 1991; various locations)
CLASHCentral London Action on Street Health (HIV prevention and outreach; England, UK)
CLASHCape, Land and Sea Harvest (Cape Cod, MA)
CLASHAssociation for Children with Language, Speech and Hearing Impairments of Namibia
CLASHCrest Level Assessment of Coastal Structures By Full Scale Monitoring, Neural Network Prediction and Hazard Analysis on Permissible Wave Overtopping
CLASHCharacter Leadership Attitude Stature Heart (various organizations)
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And Cycnus fell as an oak falls or a lofty pine that is stricken by the lurid thunderbolt of Zeus; even so he fell, and his armour adorned with bronze clashed about him.
As it is when a rock shoots out from a great cliff and whirls down with long bounds, careering eagerly with a roar, and a high crag clashes with it and keeps it there where they strike together; with no less clamour did deadly Ares, the chariot- borne, rush shouting at Heracles.
A little after, and there came a clash of steel upon the deck, by which I knew they were dealing out the cutlasses and one had been let fall; and after that, silence again.
His words sounded low, in a sad murmur as of running water; at times they rang loud like the clash of a war-gong--or trailed slowly like weary travellers--or rushed forward with the speed of fear.
The stage was set for a world-catastrophe, for in all the world were hard times, labor troubles, perishing middle classes, armies of unemployed, clashes of economic interests in the world-market, and mutterings and rumblings of the socialist revolution.*
The Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) and the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) clashed in Nawng Khio on Thursday evening, following TNLA attacks on transportation infrastructure and tollgates in the region.
The victim named Sivaiah got critically injured during the clash following which he lost his consciousness.
Sources told Dawn the clash broke out between Banoon and Dolani clans on the occurrence of motorcycle snatching in the area.
ATC Sargodha has announced verdict in police clash case-2014.
Parayno said two more female rebels were believed to be heavily wounded from the clash citing blood trail found in the encounter site.
Its biggest hit, Clash of Clans - the world's fourth-largest game in 2018 - was launched in 2012.
Commander of the First Brigade of the 207th Corps in Herat Ziarat Shah Abed said the clash occurred in Shayan village of Obe district in Herat when a group of Taliban militants attacked an army outpost, TOLOnews reported.