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CWKCrossword Kit
CWKClarisWorks (PC ClarisWorks file extension)
CWKCzasowy Wylacznik Komputera (Polish: Timed Computer Shutdown; software)
CWKCold War Kids (band)
CWKContinuous Wave Keying
CWKAppleworks File Extenstion
CWKCity Wide Kings (gang; Los Angeles, CA)
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The team organized training sessions for an appointed group of teachers showing them how to use the software tools for lesson preparation, what the key attractive features are, where to search for thematic virtual tours and basically how to structure an interactive Score School classwork. The technology was introduced to 312 children in the elementary classes.
Al-Essa said high school students as of next year will be able to use computer Tablets in their classwork, explaining that the tablets would contain the entire school curriculum, negating thus the need for carrying book bags and satchels.
It was fair to say that we certainly enjoyed the day out, and we are also now armed with much more information for our classwork.
Life goes south in a hurry; Erin fights with her best friend, becomes the target of harassment at school, and lets her classwork slide.
training includes classwork and yard evaluations that can lead to a Sustainable Landscape certification.
The delivery and implementation of these programs through day to day classwork and assignments is up to Mann.
The programme further consists of classwork, assignments, debates and group work, amongst others," she added.
The modules can be used for classwork, homework or projects.
Students in GIA's Diamond Grading Lab Classwork with real diamonds and professional Gemmological tools to uncover the fascinating world inside these gems.
And classwork can still be integrated into the activity--for example, students can spell vocabulary words while doing jumping jacks.
And while they did get some schoolwork done, officials wanted to ensure that the iPads were equipped with better classwork centered apps before deploying the program to other sports teams.
The first graduates of WCC's program who choose to continue on to WWU could begin classwork at the four-year university in fall 2014.