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CLSNClaystone (lithological term)
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Eighty-six samples (B1-B78 and CS1-CS8) of claystones and clay shales were used for this research.
2001): Interaction of Claystone and Hyperalkaline Solutions at 30[degrees]C: A combined Experimental and Modeling Study.
5-10 cm wide dike is composed of sandy material consisting of abundant clasts of sandstone, siltstone, and claystone, resembling the rocks of the Gauj a Formation.
The base rocks originated during flysch sedimentation are formed with interbeded claystones and sandstones characterized by high tectonic and structural complexity and hydrological heterogeneity.
Red or even slightly reddish sandstones, siltstones and claystones, dominating further up in the sequence, do not contain miospores, except for the grey claystone in the upper part of the Gauja Fm, specifically the Lode Mb.
The Cambrian rocks (ca 490-540 million years old) are also prevailingly sandstone, siltstone and claystone.
Sample P9: Plzen Basin, Malesice Member, claystone, Stephanian B, core Co-12, 180 m, sample size 15 x 10 x 4 cm.
The uranium mineralisation is hosted within reduced carbonaceous sands and weathered granitic sands in an aquifer capped by 2m to 8m clay horizon and up to 50m of unmineralised sandstone and claystone and underlain by weathered and crystalline granite basement.
Possible emersion took place between the late Tithonian and early Valanginian as suggested by a piece of strongly oxidized barren sandy claystone (173-1065A7R, CC, Shipboard Scientific Party, 1998a).
The Variku Formation is characterized by alternating dolomitic argillaceous quartzose siltstone, silty marl, and dolomitic claystone beds 10--50 cm in thickness (Fig.