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CAPDContinuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis
CAPDCentral Auditory Processing Disorder
CAPDConsumer Affairs and Public Distribution (India)
CAPDComputer-Aided Product Development (education)
CAPDCommission Administrative Paritaire Départementale (French: Departmental Joint Administrative Committee)
CAPDClear and Present Danger (novel)
CAPDComputing to Assist Persons with Disabilities
CAPDChina Association for Promoting Democracy
CAPDCash Available to Pay Dividends (finance)
CAPDCorporate Association for Professional Development
CAPDCalifornia Police Department (mnemonic for branches of the thoracoacromial trunk: clavicular, axillary, pectoral, deltoid)
CAPDContinuous Abdominoperitoneal Dialysis
CAPDCertificate in Apparel Product Development
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If sometimes the clear and present danger test seems to interrupt the free trade in ideas, there are instances in which it seems to provide more protection than necessary within the marketplace.
"Clear and Present Danger" belongs to the pantheon of intelligent thrillers made for grown-ups in the 1990s -- remember "Primal Fear"?
He said the leaflets, which ended with the cry "Woe unto those who will be in the way of progress," posed no clear and present danger. Rather, he wrote (with what surely was a clear-eyed perspective), that they were "silly."
Written in support of the "clear and present danger" standard, albeit a somewhat more demanding version than Holmes's, Chafee's book treated the World War I speech restrictions as virtually unprecedented.
The end of summer brought "Clear and Present Danger," a fast-moving escapist adventure in which Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford), the straight-arrow CIA agent, is left in the dark while a sinister agency colleague (Henry Czerny) masterminds an undercover operation against Colombian drug lords.
Speech that caused a "clear and present danger," he ruled, could be suppressed by the authorities.
Widescreen: 'Clear and Present Danger' is the best appetizer for Amazon's 'Jack Ryan'
CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER FILM4, 9pm Harrison Ford returns as CIA agent Jack Ryan in the third film based on Thomas Clancy's novels.
When the warning signal extends to judicial supremacy, that threat becomes a clear and present danger. When the warning signal finally reaches judicial tyranny, that clear and present danger becomes a mortal peril.
UN chief weapons inspector Dr Hans Blix said the Iraq Survey Group's report undermined the claim that Saddam presented a "clear and present danger".
Callous and fatuous finger-pointing is a lot easier to do than dealing with the clear and present danger that many gay men now face: substance abuse.
The judge would not have approved such an arrangement if he thought these six represented a clear and present danger to public safety.