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CLXCommon Lisp Library
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CLXCommon Lisp Interface to the X-Window
CLXComponent Library for Cross Platform
CLXComponent Library for Cross-Platform (Borland)
CLXClub Linux (French Linux user group)
CLXCluster Extension
CLXCambridge Lindy Exchange (swing dance club; Cambridge, UK)
CLXCommand Live Exercise
CLXCiment de Laitier à la Chaux (French: Slag Cement with Lime)
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While the president has the authority to return Kushner's TS/SCI clearance, he demurred when asked by reporters last week if he would reinstate Kushner's clearance in the event it was lost or downgraded.
The government also has specific adjudicative guidelines, and your attorney can significantly improve your odds of a clearance adjudication in your favor.
Everything starts with visiting the NBI Clearance Online Application Website (http://clearance.
The shear of the polymer in the flight clearance can add significantly to the melt temperature and energy efficiency.
According to the original plan of the Central Bank of China (CBC), the Shanghai branch of the Bank of Taiwan will serve as the clearance bank for NT dollar in China, while the Taipei branch of Bank of China will serve as the clearance bank for NT dollar in Taiwan.
DOD, which comprises the vast majority of clearances, has made significant progress in reducing delays in making personnel security clearance decisions and meeting statutory timeliness objectives since GAO first designated DOD's personnel security clearance program as a high risk area in 2005.
Our medical clearance policy in particular has continued to evolve to serve Department employees' needs, meet the challenges of service abroad and reflect advances in medical science.
From 2002 to 2005, the number of security clearances canceled for financial reasons jumped ninefold to 2,654.
The rates of amyloid-beta production and clearance were similar.
One of the primary missions of the EHCC is engineer route clearance.