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CLEARSChildhood Lead Exposure Assessment and Reduction Study
CLEARSCalifornia Law Enforcement Association of Records Supervisors, Inc. (Lompoc, CA)
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That no one might see down into my depth and into mine ultimate will--for that purpose did I devise the long clear silence.
But the clear, the honest, the transparent--these are for me the wisest silent ones: in them, so PROFOUND is the depth that even the clearest water doth not--betray it.
Antonio, it carries me clear out of myself just to hear you tell it; it must have been perfectly splendid.
For the anchor "to go clear" means to go clear of its own chain.
Morning mist or twilight clear, Serve him, Wardens of the Deer
Here is an express power given, in clear and unambiguous terms, to the State Executives, to fill casual vacancies in the Senate, by temporary appointments; which not only invalidates the supposition, that the clause before considered could have been intended to confer that power upon the President of the United States, but proves that this supposition, destitute as it is even of the merit of plausibility, must have originated in an intention to deceive the people, too palpable to be obscured by sophistry, too atrocious to be palliated by hypocrisy.
I have taken the pains to select this instance of misrepresentation, and to place it in a clear and strong light, as an unequivocal proof of the unwarrantable arts which are practiced to prevent a fair and impartial judgment of the real merits of the Constitution submitted to the consideration of the people.
After crossing the stream Vronsky had complete control of his mare, and began holding her in, intending to cross the great barrier behind Mahotin, and to try to overtake him in the clear ground of about five hundred yards that followed it.