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CLEARSChildhood Lead Exposure Assessment and Reduction Study
CLEARSCalifornia Law Enforcement Association of Records Supervisors, Inc. (Lompoc, CA)
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A good roguish thing is also the long silence, and to look, like the winter-sky, out of a clear, round-eyed countenance:--
"Antonio, it carries me clear out of myself just to hear you tell it; it must have been perfectly splendid.
There he sees the cable ranged, the windlass disconnected, the compressors opened; and there, after giving his own last order, "Stand clear of the cable!" he waits attentive, in a silent ship that forges slowly ahead towards her picked-out berth, for the sharp shout from aft, "Let go!" Instantly bending over, he sees the trusty iron fall with a heavy plunge under his eyes, which watch and note whether it has gone clear.
I'll buy Pari-Sulay, but I'll put only ten boys on it and clear slowly.
She was one of the stupid lowly, she and her people before her--the ones that did the work, drove their oxen across the Plains, cleared and broke the virgin land, toiled all days and all hours, paid their taxes, and sent their sons and grandsons out to fight and die for the flag that gave them such ample protection that they were able to sell their wine for twenty-two cents.
Half the sky was chequered with black thunderheads, but all the west was luminous and clear: in the lightning flashes it looked like deep blue water, with the sheen of moonlight on it; and the mottled part of the sky was like marble pavement, like the quay of some splendid seacoast city, doomed to destruction.
Days might pass and still such a spoor would be sufficiently plain to lead Korak unfalteringly to its end; while a matter of a few hours only left it as clear to him as though the makers themselves were still in plain sight.