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CLEWCollaboration and Learning Environment (University of Windsor; Canada)
CLEWCommunity Learning and Education Working Group (American Registry for Internet Numbers)
CLEWContinuing Legal Education for Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin Law School; Madison, WI)
CLEWCamp Lejeune Energy from Wood (US EPA)
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Follow me," said the Clew, "and there's no knowing what you may discover.
So the Detective followed the Clew a whole year through a thousand sinuosities, and at last found himself in the office of the Morgue.
The rope hung down from the cliff, and the clew and belt lay beside her.
A sum of between eighty and ninety pounds in Bank of England notes; a few simple articles belonging to the toilet; materials for needle-work; and a photographic portrait of a young lady, inscribed, "To Anne, from Blanche," were found in the bag--but no letters, and nothing whatever that could afford the slightest clew by which the owner could be traced.
The earth, trampled by the feet of horses and men, gave no clew.
His direction was aimless--he merely raced on and on through the jungle, the joy of unfettered action his principal urge, with the hope of stumbling upon some clew to Chulk or the she, a secondary incentive.
The thing you mention," he said, "the clew (as you call it), might be seen and might be touched--supposing you could find it.
Late the next afternoon Tarzan and his Waziri returned with the first load of "belongings," and when the party saw the ancient ingots of virgin gold they swarmed upon the ape-man with a thousand questions; but he was smilingly obdurate to their appeals--he declined to give them the slightest clew as to the source of his immense treasure.
It was not till I was a young man, at college, that I got any clew to the significance of my dreams, and to the cause of them.
If a rock, or a rivulet, or a bit of earth harder than common, severed the links of the clew they followed, the true eye of the scout recovered them at a distance, and seldom rendered the delay of a single moment necessary.
But if he had not really told him the secret, he had at least given him the clew to it--a clew of which that queer old Mrs.
On the one shelf at the library he found Karl Marx, Ricardo, Adam Smith, and Mill, and the abstruse formulas of the one gave no clew that the ideas of another were obsolete.