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CLIMCommon Lisp Interface Manager
CLIMCooperative Learning in Multicultural (education strategy)
CLIMConsultancy for Leading Interactive Media (Netherlands)
CLIMCentraal Landelijk Informatiepunt Milieudelicten (Dutch: Central National Information Environmental Crimes; Ministry of Housing)
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Therefore, the foundation for targeted and planned development of tourism in the province will be provided through planned and accurate studies on tourism potentials of the province such as climatic potentials of the province, providing information about climatic conditions of tourism destinations in different seasons of the year, and provision of the necessary infrastructures in different seasons.
It is important to recognize that while there are statistical basis for each climatic parameter, there has been no statistical verification of ASHRAE Design Days in their entirety.
He said the Punjab Government has asked the Council to help formulate a strategy to meet the challenge of climatic change.
Linking climatic fluctuation to the evolutionary process has implications for the current global climate change debate.
The company's present wind tunnels are likely to be utilised for hot and cold temperature testing at moderate vehicle speeds, but its new climatic wind tunnels simulate more brutal extremes.
Observation of the moving sun is the key to true planetary motions and long-term climatic forecasting.
Researchers looked at 25-year population trends of 42 bird species in relation to changes in climatic suitability simulated using climatic envelope models.
Within the scope of pharmaceutical analytics, stability tests are being applied pursuant to ICH guidelines, in which drugs are subjected to defined climatic conditions over specific time periods in accordance with a globally harmonized standard.
Though his climatic spheres are synthetic through and through, they give expression to the artist's will to transcend human isolation - to, as one of his titles has it, "break on through (to the other side).
Plants are very effective climate-control devices, but they are sensitive to climatic factors and can easily fall victim to extreme conditions of heat, water, and light.
On an area of approximately 300 m2, the EOTA test center houses two ultramodern climatic chambers with six concrete test walls each, of which two can undergo weathering tests at the same time.
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