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CLIMCommon Lisp Interface Manager
CLIMCooperative Learning in Multicultural (education strategy)
CLIMConsultancy for Leading Interactive Media (Netherlands)
CLIMCentraal Landelijk Informatiepunt Milieudelicten (Dutch: Central National Information Environmental Crimes; Ministry of Housing)
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He urged upon the participants to prepare a comprehensive report for the govt out of the Conference so that the govt could be able to prepare policies in its light in order to address the future chances coming up due to climatic changes.
It will certainly be of great interest to those with a broad interest in climatic impacts on societies and cultures.
Traditionally, a climatic wind tunnel's main use is to assess passenger comfort under hot and cold conditions, and to test the performance of vital components, such as the powertrain or braking systems, under extreme conditions.
In the summer of 1816, Europe and North America suffered from adverse climatic conditions so severe that the year became known as a "Year without a Summer".
Linking climatic fluctuation to the evolutionary process has implications for the current global climate change debate.
The climatic tunnels will simulate extreme weather conditions for testing vehicles at the company's technology centre in Sindelfingen, Germany.
These results suggest that a few severe winters in the Northern Hemisphere are not sufficient to indicate that climatic change has ceased.
Therefore, agroclimatic analyses to quantify the influence of environmental climatic variables are useful in crop production.
Morris says: "We've seen an increase in climatic testing over the past three years because more components are being made out of composites and plastics, materials where it's not easy to determine how differing climates will affect them.
RARE southern species of birds are on the increase in the British Isles as a result of climatic change, say North East experts.
Manufacturers' shelf life data have to be substantiated for an extremely wide range of climatic conditions with respect to transportation, storage and trading conditions.
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