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CLINICCatholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.
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Thank God for this clinic,'' patient Maria Guzman said Monday.
Preschool children enrolled in Northeast's child care program were invited into the dental clinic for a cavity prevention awareness day.
The analyses included 635 patients who had a baseline CD4 cell count on March 1, 2000, and at least one clinic visit or hospitalization later in the study period; half were followed up for at least seven months.
Each clinic, according to the report, received almost $10,000 in free drugs from pharmacies (page 186).
In late 1999, twelve cats were brought to a companion animal veterinary clinic (clinic B) with diarrhea, vomiting, anorexia, and lethargy.
Here, Smith has a duty of loyalty to both his clinic as its president and to the hospital, as a member of the board of directors.
The 2005 winter sports clinic will be a life-changing event for every severely disabled veteran who attends.
The LEAP clinic is an eight-week summer program with instruction provided by graduate and select undergraduate students majoring in special education at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.
The asking rent for the medical clinic is $20 a foot, and Altman says "When we find the tenant that can use it, he won't quibble.
Thus (all other things being equal), students participating in clinical tax programs should find themselves with an advantage over those students not involved in clinic programs, internships or similar work experiences.
Dead are five people - the two women in Brookline, and one clinic escort and two physicians who provided abortions in Pensacola, Florida.