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CLOSECoalition to Leverage and Optimize Sales Effectiveness
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Norma's monstrous mansion, Glenn Close as Norma Desmond, director Trevor Nunn's swiftly cinematic staging, some of Lloyd Webber's better songs, Glenn Close, vintage automobiles, a deft supporting cast, Glenn Close.
Worse, from the soldier's standpoint, was that while the Air Force was devoting huge resources to fight behind enemy lines, it was giving short shrift to close air support.
Mara also highlighted a new "footnote manager" that delivers a unified version of the close and associated disclosure readiness for the management discussion and analysis (MD & A), financial statements and footnotes.
Advance notice should be given to the borrower to avoid the shock of seeing that instead of receiving money back from the proceeds of the loan, he/she is in fact paying additional funds to close the loan.
Los Angeles City Councilman Martin Ludlow criticized the Board of Supervisors for ``amazing hypocrisy'' in its vote to close one of the county's 13 trauma centers - only two years after convincing voters to tax themselves to save the system.
The Chuck Close book might have been a more routine project, were it not for the spectacle of male-bonding-make that back-scratching - that awaits us.
The over-collateralization (OC) ratios of all classes have remained the same since close while the interest coverage (IC) ratios have improved over the same period.
Most sponsor purchase agreements provide that the purchaser must close within 30 days after delivery of a written notice of the closing.
Last weekend, as deer season opened in much of Southern California, twice as many deer hunters as usual - close to 700 - showed up in Los Padres' Mount Pinos district outside Frazier Park, off Interstate 5.
A more common scenario is that companies -- while not able to perform a textbook virtual close -- have significantly decreased their closing cycles.
Thus, if a government-favorable court opinion is issued after the parties close the case, it is unlikely the agent will reopen it.
On new home purchases, for example, if your loan closes on Jan.