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CLODAClosing Date
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It is believed to be in the best interests of the Company's shareholders to extend the closing date of the SPP beyond the current closing date to enable shareholders to consider further results of the Surprise 1.
Most sponsors will agree to give a 15 to 30-day grace period to close from the original closing date.
February 14: Closing date for piano entries; February 22/23: art entries accepted; February 27: art adjudication; February 28: art exhibition opens; closing date for vocal, speech and drama sections; March 1: closing date for craft section entries.
QLD: Janne Rayner, ph: 07 3224 7011, closing date 27 July;
It defines the sale of all or part of a company when the purchase price is subject to an adjustment based on the results of an audit as of the closing date and/or involves an escrow or a final payment tied to net worth as shown on the audited closing-date balance sheet.
As of the Closing Date, Company expects to have at least $ in current and accumulated earnings and profits.
On the Closing Date the Agents will receive, a cash commission equal to 6% of the gross proceeds of the Offering.
Phone : +968 2 468 1600 Closing date : November 30, 2016
Tender closing date has been extended from the previous deadline of October 06, 2012.
Bond : Applicable Tender fee : KD5,000 Company : Kuwait National Petroleum Company Phone : +965 2398 9900 Closing date : November 15, 2016