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CLVConstant Linear Velocity
CLVCustomer Lifetime Value (marketing)
CLVC'est La Vie (French: That's Life)
CLVCrew Launch Vehicle
CLVCity of Las Vegas (Nevada)
CLVCarnation Latent Virus
CLVCentro Liturgico Vincenziano (Italian: Vincentian Liturgical Centre)
CLVCeiling Limit Value (highest acceptable average content in inhaled air during 15 minutes)
CLVCalculated Load Value
CLVCommunication sur le Lieu de Vente
CLVCentre de Langues Vivantes (French: Center for Modern Languages)
CLVComposite Lab Value
CLVCira Las Vegas (band)
CLVCompact Low-Voltage
CLVCatalane de Location de Vaisselle (French event supply rental company)
CLVCache Limited Validity
CLVChrist's Love Vineyard Church (Pocatello, ID)
CLVCambodian, Laotian or Vietnamese
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This study aims to highlight the customer activity role by analyzing customer behavior, and also answering the debate on CLV and retention rate relationship.
CLV is just a part of the actual customer engagement value that encompasses so much more.
Investing more in acquiring the "As and Bs" brings long-term stability, reputation, measured growth, increased CLV, higher margins and profitability.
Looking at the relationships among these drivers is crucial because the variables of the CLV formula are interdependent.
1998), but assessment of CLV makes it possible to link long-term financial returns explicitly to marketing actions.
A continuacion, se ordenaron las familias segun cinco dimensiones: 1) percepcion y definicion del CLV; 2), 3), y 4) cada una de las tres etapas de la gestion de la relacion con el distribuidor clave, y 5) el uso del CLV en esta gestion.
The isolates had ZDI 22-27 mm, 19-23 mm and 9-15 mm against CIN, CLV and CMN, respectively.
Referencing the above examples, a client with annual profitability of $200,000 at a firm with a 90 percent retention rate, the client has a CLV of $1.
The CLV metric suggests that acquiring and retaining profitable customers should be the guiding principle.
Consequently, the distinction between CLV and CP will be a distinction between value and profit in the financial sense.
Although, no figure for the assistance made available to the CLV leaders, Koizumi expressed his intention to cooperate.