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COAXCoaxial Cable
COAXCoaxial Machinegun
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With InCoaxs next generation Coax Link Controller, operators can bring high-speed connections to customers by utilising the existing coaxial cabling inside apartment buildings at a considerably lower cost compared to using fibre all the way and with the ability to guarantee sufficient connection speeds for all subscribers.
Tested for 1000 hours at 125 degrees C, the 9178 Series RG178 coax cable connector is targeted to replace more expensive standard coax connectors in frequency applications below 2GHz.
With the EQCO875SC circuit, low-cost, long haul connections can be made even using pre-existing coax infrastructure.
This presentation provides an overview of the integrated digital home vision, and the driving factors why networking over coax and phone wiring will be an integral part of that vision.
Sigma Designs (NASDAQ:SIGM), a leader in digital media processing system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for consumer electronics, today announced the availability of the CoAir[R] Ethernet to Coax Bridge Adapter from Lung Hwa Electronics, based on Sigma Design's CoAir Ultra Wideband (UWB) chipset.
The 1394 Trade Association earlier this month approved the new standard for networking that allows high-definition and multimedia content to be protected and transported at over 400 Mbps, making it the fastest home entertainment coax network available.
hn standardization effort is expected to make a positive impact in terms of standardizing an existing-wire solution for coax, twisted pair, and powerline.
Although providers realize that the condition of, age of, and the way coax and phone wiring has been installed in some residences may still necessitate installation of some wiring runs.
Pulse~LINK's demonstration of its Ethernet-Over-Coax solution will also showcase CWave's coexistence with other signals on the same coax cable, including broadcast video services from a local cable company and coexistence with MoCA([R]) technology.
Leads in installations of IPTV over coax and phone lines
CWave([R]) UWB-Over-Coax solutions for HDMI, Ethernet and 1394 connectivity allow content stored on any device in the home to be networked to any HDTV in the home across the existing in-home coax cabling.