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COXColfax (Amtrak station code; Colfax, CA)
COXcytochrome c oxidase
COXCity of Heroes/Villains (gaming)
COXCyclo-Oxygenase Enzyme (pharmacology)
COXCommunication and Orientation Expert (traffic management; Germany)
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The coaxial waveguide spatial power combiner addresses these bandwidth and loss issues by efficiently combining a large number of elements over a very broad bandwidth.
We pumped the sample probe extensively to avoid trapped gasses in the coaxial leads, and then cooled the device slowly over two days to eliminate electron-hole pair production in the device (which creates additional electrons in the two-dimensional fluid and a slow downward drift in the magnetic field positions of QHR plateaus as the pairs recombine).
Such cables would transmit physical and biological data--200 times faster than coaxial cables can--from the Atlantic and the Pacific to shore laboratories.
To estimate the potential market for copper wire and cable one must examine structured wiring and coaxial cable.
Coaxial feedthroughs may not be suited for every application requiring electrical isolation and hermeticity at high and ultrahigh vacuum levels, but they are applicable to many more uses than you perhaps think.
Coaxial cables come in two basic configurations: those that transmit analog signals (adequate for all but the most advanced applications except video transmissions) and digital (a newer design, which can handle the most up-to-date communications, including video).
The "Global and China RF Coaxial Cable Industry Report, 2019-2025" report has been added to's offering
coaxial cable (kickless cable) (manufactured by kjm, korea) l = 2400mm - 5pcs coaxial cable (kickless cable) (manufactured by kjm, korea) l = 800mm - 4pcs 9 pcs.
The new solution is composed of two devices, the ZXHN H182G single-port DPU (distribution point unit) and the ZXHN H581 CPE (customer premises equipment), that work together to provide a symmetric gigabit connection over existing twisted pair or coaxial cables.
The company's products include miniature semi-rigid coaxial cable, formable and flexible cable assemblies, phase matched cable assemblies, coaxial delay lines and RF connectors.
is an AS9100D Certified provider of coaxial cable, RF and microwave interconnect products for specialised applications common in defense, space, wireless communications and medical instrumentation.
The Schleuniger CoaxStrip 6480 semi-automatic stripping machine processes coaxial cables with an outer diameter of 0.047 to 0.472 inches (1.2-12 mm).