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B12Cobalamin (vitamin)
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The researchers' hope was that by giving injections of cobalamin, the cats' levels of cobalamin (and secondarily, levels of MMA) would normalize and the signs of gastrointestinal illness would improve.
It has been suggested that vitamin B12 deficiency may be treated by parental or high dose oral cobalamin therapy (Stabler, 2013).
Nitrous oxide "whippit" abuse presenting with cobalamin responsive psychosis.
17) This same group of investigators has also described pseudo-TTP in 2 patients with food- cobalamin malabsorption.
Jacobsen, "Glutathionylcobalamin as an intermediate in the formation of cobalamin coenzymes," Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, vol.
An earlier study looked at the combined effect of cobalamin with ascorbic acid on three ascites tumor cell types and found a synergistic effect decreasing mitotic counts and survival of tumor cells.
Pure cobalamin deficiency was seen in majority of patients (44%) as a cause of Megaloblastic anaemia, followed by combined cobalamin and folate deficiency in 40%patients and pure folate deficiency in 16% patients.
Infant cobalamin status is determined by the cobalamin content in the breastmilk and the maternal cobalamin concentration during lactation.
The arguments are the clinical and laboratory aspects compatible with pernicious anemia and the complete remission of the symptomatology under cobalamin treatment.
Prevalence of cobalamin deficiency in the Framingham elderly population.