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CODESConference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis
CODESCrash Outcome Data Evaluation System
CODESControl of Discrete Event Systems (laboratory; University of Massachusetts; Amherst, MA)
CODESComputerized Deployment System
CODESCommon Digital Exploitation System
CODESCoded Optical Device Enable System
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I agree with you entirely, sir; but all that even you know with respect to the French code, I know, not only in reference to that code, but as regards the codes of all nations.
The philosopher, the poet, or the religious man will of course wish to cast his vote with the democrat, for free-trade, for wide suffrage, for the abolition of legal cruelties in the penal code, and for facilitating in every manner the access of the young and the poor to the sources of wealth and power.
For, according to the order of nature, which is quite superior to our will, it stands thus; there will always be a government of force where men are selfish; and when they are pure enough to abjure the code of force they will be wise enough to see how these public ends of the post-office, of the highway, of commerce and the exchange of property, of museums and libraries, of institutions of art and science can be answered.
And he felt that this fact and what she expected of him called for something not fully defined in that code of principles by which he had hitherto steered his course in life.
He would say a lot of pleasant things, ask you to dinner" ("That would not be bad as regards the unwritten code," thought Boris), "but nothing more would come of it.
Hence the Three Laws, mentioned above, suffice for the better regulated States, and may be accepted as a rough exemplification of our Female Code.
The same gentleman had given them a code of laws, to which they conformed with scrupulous fidelity.
In fine, to conclude this code of morals, I thought of reviewing the different occupations of men in this life, with the view of making choice of the best.
How thin a veneering of "chivalry" covered the essential brutality of the code under which such encounters were possible we shall see.
Treating your users as co-developers is your least-hassle route to rapid code improvement and effective debugging.
Yet coding theorists have been aware that their codes fall far short of what can, in theory, be achieved.
The permanent codes can be applied in sand, lost foam, investment and permanent mold casting processes.