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CODSCenter for Organization and Delivery Studies (now Center for Delivery, Organization and Markets; Rockville, MD)
CODSColoma Outdoor Discovery School (Coloma, CA)
CODSInternational Conference on Complex Open Distributed Systems (IEEE Conference)
CODSCollaborative Ontology Development Service (an open distributed ontology development initiative)
CODSConnection Oriented Data Service (telecommunications)
CODSContainer-Oriented Distribution System
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Penn and Manuel stood knee-deep among cod in the pen, flourishing drawn knives.
These hooks are made of soft metal, to be rebent after use; but the cod very often get away with them and are hooked again elsewhere; and that is one of the many reasons why the Gloucester boats despise the Frenchmen.
At the end of an hour Harvey would have given the world to rest; for fresh, wet cod weigh more than you would think, and his back ached with the steady pitching.
Speed, as a motor function and ability in soccer, is based on running at a maximum sprint speed for less than a 30-m distance (96% of sprints during a soccer match), accelerating for less than 10-m (49% of sprints occurring during the match), and sprints with change of direction (COD) movements (every 2-4 seconds).
Under AJCA Section 896, when a partnership transfers a capital or profits interest in the partnership to a creditor in satisfaction of partnership debt, the partnership generally recognizes COD income in the amount that would be recognized if the debt were satisfied with money equal to the FMV of the partnership interest.
Daren Shields won Bedlington Station's Xmas Fayre with ten cod for 16-13-0 from Whitley Beach, David Walker taking the heaviest at 3-7-0.
The market characteristics are quite different and relatively unfamiliar in the case of the principal Alaska groundfish species, such as Alaska pollock and Pacific cod. Alaska is an important but certainly not dominant source of supply of products derived from these species.