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COTRContracting Officer's Technical Representative
COTRCollege of the Rockies (Canada)
COTRCalvi on the Rocks (festival)
COTRCoin of the Realm
COTRChurch on the Rock
COTRCathedral of the Rockies (Boise, ID)
COTRChildren of the Revolution
COTRCommitment of Traders Report
COTRCentro Operativo de Tecnologia de Regadio (Portugal)
COTRColumbus on the Record (public broadcast TV show; Ohio)
COTRClub d'Ornithologie de Trois-Rivières
References in classic literature ?
"Just at the conventional moment, when all hope had fled, and the conductor was holding out his box to the passenger next to me, I suddenly remembered where I had put that wretched coin of the realm. I hadn't swallowed it after all.
"And furthermore," the son went on, "for every chicken he kills, I'll pay you one dollar gold coin of the realm."
A certain quality of the human hand in its relation to the coin of the realm. It attains its highest development in the hand of authority and is considered a serviceable equipment for a career in politics.
An interview with a surly gatekeeper and a surlier foreman, both of whom were appeased with the coin of the realm, put me on the track of Bloxam.
That Mrs Kenwigs, impelled by gratitude, or ambition, or maternal pride, or maternal love, or all four powerful motives conjointly, had taken secret conference with Mr Kenwigs, and had finally returned to propose that Mr Johnson should instruct the four Miss Kenwigses in the French language as spoken by natives, at the weekly stipend of five shillings, current coin of the realm; being at the rate of one shilling per week, per each Miss Kenwigs, and one shilling over, until such time as the baby might be able to take it out in grammar.
They were forbidden, however, to go anywhere except on the down and into the woods; the village had been especially prohibited, where huge bull's-eyes and unctuous toffy might be procured in exchange for coin of the realm.
I saw the porter that night, and, I still think, bought his absolute allegiance for the second coin of the realm. My story, however, invented by Raffles, was sufficiently specious in itself.
Neema, a Tel Aviv-based company, has been charged with creating the blockchain-based currency and the infrastructure needed for the Marshall Islands coin of the realm to go digital -- including an internet connection for the islands and a payment system that will ensure complete security, access, and convenience for Marshall Islands users.
It is very hard to come by but if you do happen to stumble on the 'Jewish coin of the realm,' you can boast of having the entire catalog of ancient Jewish coins in your pocket.
This business of "rendering to Caesar what is his" is an attempt to articulate that people of faith recognize a different coin of the realm. We try to live our lives in a calculus beyond mere dollars and cents and the holy grail of the "bottom line."
Here is proof positive that Wisconsin isn't a state, it's a state of mind; and gentle good humor is the coin of the realm. Critique: Scott Jacobs is a master of wit, a little wisdom, and a lot of talent, and able to engage his reader's total and enthusiastic attention from first page to last in "Famous Ski Hills In Wisconsin", an impressive and always entertaining collection of observations and commentaries ranging from 'The Happiest Place on Earth (Disneyland)'; 'Jesus Has a Bad Day'; 'A Telemarketer's Lament'; 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow', and twenty-six more little gems.
This became more than a simple way to make money; when a bank's clients were doing business in a particular location (Europe in the Middle Ages was not only about countries but about city-states like Venice and Florence, each with its own currency) it could then ensure that it and its clients could be paid in whatever the particular coin of the realm was.