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COINSCenter of Integrated Nanomechanical Systems (University of California, Berkeley)
COINSCommunications and Information Systems
COINSCorporate Information Superhighway (Telekom Malaysia)
COINSConstruction Industry Solutions Ltd
COINSCommunity On-Line Intelligence System
COINSCorporate Information Network System
COINSCommercial Operations Integrated System
COINSCommerce Online Information Network System
COINSComputer Output Information System
COINSConsolidated On-Line Intelligence System
COINSConnection-Oriented Network Services
COINSCommunity of Interest Network Service
COINSConsumer On-Line Information Network Service (Canada)
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The baker threw down the money before me, and said, "Find out if there is a bad coin.
It was dropped, and I picked it up, and found in the cloth, in gold and silver coins of all sorts, more than fifty crowns, which fifty times more strengthened our joy and doubled our hope of gaining our liberty.
Love is a maker of false coin, continually changing copper pennies into gold-pieces, and sometimes turning its real gold into copper.
No nonsense, my good fellow; silver simply, round coins with the head of some monarch or other on them.
I inquired whether he had much money on him; whereupon the poor old fellow pulled out his entire stock, wrapped in a piece of dirty newspaper, and consisting of a few small silver coins, with twenty kopecks in copper.
Many halfpence did he pick up, that had been lost through the cracks of the floor, and some few Spanish coins, and the half of a broken sixpence, which had doubtless been a love token.
These coins being scarce, the people were often forced to barter their commodities instead of selling them.
A yellow claw the very same that had dawed together so much wealth- poked itself out of the coach- window, and dropt some copper coins upon the ground; so that, though the great man's name seems to have been Gathergold, he might just as suitably have been nicknamed Scattercopper.
For instance, I have seen even fond mothers so far indulge their guileless, elegant daughters--misses of fifteen or sixteen--as to give them a few gold coins and teach them how to play; and though the young ladies may have won or have lost, they have invariably laughed, and departed as though they were well pleased.
The coins alone were priceless, leaving out of count all the precious stones; and the dead weight of the gold and silver alone might be two or three hundred tons.
The little heap of the parson's possessions which he left on the table consisted chiefly of papers, over and above a pipe and a tobacco pouch and some Roman and Saxon coins.
Well, my name is Christabel Carstairs; and my father was that Colonel Carstairs you've probably heard of, who made the famous Carstairs Collection of Roman coins.