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COLLATEComputational Linguistics and Language Technology for Real-Life Applications
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Scan & Collate works with leading health boards throughout Wales and the rest of the UK, including Guys & St Thomas Hospital in London, University Hospital Wales in Cardiff, Bristol and Birmingham Children's hospitals and many others.
Any individual page can be edited with the bundled Collate Page Editor which allows them to both add text and do image based corrections such as erase image artifacts or color correction to any page in the document.
Among the products ScriptPro offers is the SP 200 with Automated Control Center, which automates the repetitive, manual dispensing tasks most subject to human error and automatically collates all prescriptions for each patient.
Already proven in the telephony and computing sector, wireless communications are reinventing the way many companies gather, collate and analyse data.
In this article we describe our collaboration concept and the resulting system design decisions, illustrating by some concrete examples how the current real-life users interact with the COLLATE system and their distributed collaboration team.
Nor did he methodically collate his sources, but resorted to them severally or all together on different passages (see 127).
While CEOs always have sought to understand their companies' performance, what's new are the analytics tools to collect, collate, measure and report performance statistics.
Internet Security Systems Inc (ISS) yesterday announced a new decision support application which the company claims is the first to collate data from disparate security systems and collate it in one, common repository for analysis.
Further, HITS analysts collate information concerning murder cases to determine factors that may solve a particular homicide.
For the next three days, Chandler's staff will determine the shows and SPs based on their own trade on today's showcase Flat fixture, Saturday's meetings at Ascot and York, and Sunday's at Goodwood, where Amrac is contracted to collate the on-course shows.
Denver-based AccTrak21's CRM module is designed to provide users with the tools to effectively collate, share and analyze vital customer information.