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COLLCollision (insurance)
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As a direct T2S participant, the CSD will have the opportunity to leverage the settlement system's auto collateralization program for central bank money and its collateral pooling facilities, among other capabilities, to help speed up the velocity of collateral within global markets.
SunGard s Apex Collateral helps collateral traders, risk professionals, operations staff and senior management manage and optimize their collateral on an enterprise-wide basis.
collateral requirements for alien reinsurers may come to a head early next year, as the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' reinsurance task force works toward a draft proposal on rule changes.
Capital Trust will account for the transaction as a financing, consolidating all of the collateral onto its balance sheet as assets and all the CDO notes sold as liabilities.
In our patient, perhaps the most likely explanation for the survival of the oral tongue is that ipsilateral collateral circulation developed to the right side of the tongue some time following the thrombosis of the right lingual artery.
The centerpiece of good collaterals is the information brochure.
Slit proteins emerged as candidates for such a factor when Kuan Hong Wang, one of Tessier-Lavigne's colleagues, purified a molecule that seemed to provoke collateral branching in test tube studies.
Bullen said the FASB discussed the collateral issue at length.
In TAM 9604001, an employer, two insurance companies and a trust entered into the following transaction: The employer paid the insurance companies for two paid-up $500,000 life insurance policies on an employee's life; the insurance companies issued the life insurance policies to the trust as owner of the policies; the trust entered into a split-dollar: agreement with the employer; and the trust assigned the policies to the employer as collateral for the trust's obligation under the split-dollar agreements to repay the premiums paid to each insurance company.
The Veros CIA report is actually four reports in one product, (1) a risk report that provides highly predictive scores for the subject property, the market and the collateral as a whole; (2) a complete transaction history report for the subject property; (3) a comparative sales report with up to 40 comparable properties; and (4) a complete market analysis.
In fact, marketing analyst firm ITSMA reports that collateral is the largest single component of marketing communications budgets.