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536 billion Zakat had been collected during 2014-15 and Rs 1.
From Agriculture only Rs 447 million were collected against the target of Rs 838 million, from Finance (tax) only Rs 3,388 million against Rs 8,759 million and from the Board of Revenue Rs 18 million against a target of Rs 21 million were collected.
5 : to increase in amount <Dust collected on the furniture.
It is useful to summarize in a sentence or two any important points or facts observed when a piece of evidence is collected and impressions are fresh.
The teacher will rescatter all collected leaves--including those collected by koalas that "died.
They also examined organochlorine body burden in a subset of 58 samples collected between 1999 and 2002 for links with bone mineral density.
The trust is owned by the city and issues double-A bonds--typically bought by institutional investors such as pension funds--that allows between 80-90 cents on the dollar to be collected by the city in short order.
In Europe, >70% of 121 Ixodes ricinus ticks collected from roe deer had 16S rRNA gene sequences for Bartonello or other closely related species (7).
In a letter, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan encouraged the business owners that were randomly selected for the survey to participate, noting that the data collected by past surveys have been critical for policy decisions at the Federal Reserve and in other parts of government.
While some companies are attempting to purify collected motor oil and re-blend it for sale as a recycled lubricant the great bulk of used motor oil is recycled into a low-cost, low-grade fuel for cement kilns and utility boilers, or it is used as an ingredient in asphalt pavement.
Payments can be collected based on two semesters during the school year, or on six- or nine-week terms.
Richard Martinez, a California man who seriously burned himself when he blew up his illegal methamphetamine lab and collected $40,000 in workers' compensation after reporting he was hurt while working for his mother's bakery;