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COLLCollision (insurance)
COLLConnection-Oriented Link Layer
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If you are employed as a staff RN at a facility that requires membership as a condition of employment, you must become a member or pay a representation fee as noted by the collective bargaining agreement in that facility.
La deputee de Nidaa Tounes et membre de ladite commission, Zohra Driss, a exprime des craintes a l'egard du tribunal foncier qui sera charge, tel que stipule dans le projet de loi regissant les terres collectives, de resoudre les problemes fonciers, exprimant ainsi des reserves par rapport a la gestion des affaires foncieres par le tribunal en question.
I argue, first, that, to know when a collective obligation entails obligations on that collective's members, we have to know, not just what it would take for each member to do their part in satisfying the collective obligation, but also what they should do if they cannot do their part because others will not do theirs.
Ukraine is not a member state of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, and the use of Collective Rapid Reaction Force in its territory is impossible under the current Agreement on Collective Rapid Reaction Force signed on 14 June 2009.
When the national government acts, it can overcome the states' collective inability to organize and install their own solutions to pressing policy concerns.
These twelve essays all focus on collective creative endeavors as path breakers of new learning, creative production and innovation as collective activities crossing boundaries, interventions mobilizing creative efforts in collective problem solving and development of activities.
8220;Across Rhode Island's IT service companies as well as its private sector IT departments, there are 13,500 IT professionals in our state,” said Kathie Shields, executive director of Tech Collective.
led the Series A investment round, and the financing will help Collective Bias continue to expand and grow its technology platform.
NEW YORK -- A significant majority of Americans now access media using multiple devices each day with TV, PC, tablet and smartphone devices each dominating media usage at different parts of the day, according to Collective, a leading data-driven, multi-screen platform company.
Morningstar Retirement Solutions sees large defined contribution (DC) plans using customized collective trusts more and more frequently to put together white-labeled investments, says Jeremy Stempien, director of investments for the firm.
Wolverine, Blum Capital and Golden Gate have formed an acquisition company that is acquiring Collective Brands.
Researchers of collective efficacy have also reported that teamwork behavior facilitates the formation of a team's collective efficacy (Tasa et al.
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