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No one had interfered in the dispute, which was beyond the French colloquial powers of Edward Dorrit, Esquire, and scarcely within the province of the ladies.
'Naging kagawian na sa Maynila, matik na kapag nahuli ka, bot-a,' Moreno said, using colloquial terms derived from 'automatic' and 'abot' or handing out money as a form of bribery, respectively.
Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Dec 12 ( ANI ): As the Congress party has emerged victorious in Rajasthan, and is also poised to sweep Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh elections, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) Chief Raj Thackeray said that Congress president Rahul Gandhi who was referred to as 'Pappu' (colloquial Hindi word for dumb kid) by his opponents has now become 'Param Pujya' (most revered).
###cannabinoids (Commercial or colloquial name: Spice- JWH-018,
Several days later, a letter was published in the newspaper questioning whether the Queen had really uttered the expression, as its colloquial overtones meant that it was 'inconceivable that Her Majesty would use such a phrase' (Argus, May 28, 1954).
Arabic, with its formal and colloquial registers, is notoriously difficult to learn abroad, where without immersion it is nearly impossible to relate the written to the spoken forms.
Colloquial Arabic (Levantine): The Complete Course for Beginners
It also, Haller points out, includes much more than the Standard Italian lexical items that would soon receive the approval of the Accademia della Crusca, and contains both formal and colloquial entries, scholarly terms as well as dialect words, technical language as well as exclamations and idiomatic expressions (x).
While the study is successful in decoupling synchrony from diachrony, the incorporated data jumble together the formal and the colloquial and are not free of such mispronunciation (even hypercorrection)--as [xane?eman] for the standard xaneman and Tehrani xunamun--in a way that may affect the arguments presented.
Jokes, daft comments and colloquial styles of giving directions and are included in More Welsh Valleys Humour by David Jandrell.
The program offers courses in Modern Standard Arabic and in Colloquial Lebanese Arabic.