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The types of colloquial Persian used in some of the chapters merit clarification.
Each day, students receive six hours of classroom instruction in MSA, in which Colloquial Lebanese Arabic is integrated.
Hence, just like the so-called Berber Dahir was formed to separate the Berbers from the Arabs during the colonialist phase, the same was done with the colloquial language schooling proposed by Orientialists.
If you had an extended conversation in colloquial Lebanese Arabic, chances are you did.
Fu'ad and others of his generation were on the cusp of the "new poetry movement" in Egyptian colloquial Arabic, the beginnings of which most observers attribute to the originality and power of the poets Fu'ad Haddad (1927-85) and Salah Jahin (1930-86).
He recreates episodes from the New Testament as fast-paced colloquial drama (not for nothing has Cahill studied film and directed plays).
Even more relevant to the addition of a final vowel to borrowed Romance verbs is the treatment of geminated verbs in colloquial Arabic, which, when the conjugation involves the addition of a suffix beginning with a vowel, is treated as if it were theme II of a verb third weak - thus the first person of shakk 'he doubted' is shakket, not shakaktu, and is comparable to sammet 'I named', from the root s-m-y.
Feu Follet--a colloquial term referring to strange lights on the bayous--traces the history of the Acadian people from seventeenth-century France through their migration to Nova Scotia to their forced expulsion to the swamplands of southwestern Louisiana.
It also has greater capability to function in 57 languages through the use of software that captures the nuances of colloquial usage and dialect, greatly improving the ease of use for patients and the quality of data collected for researchers.
Zambucks (*New Zealand or Australian colloquial term for St John's Ambulance Brigade) 27
In giant letters were the words "on vend du vent", which means "we're selling crap" in colloquial French.
Chris Vosper, for the prosecution, said, ``This was a joint assault and each intended Mr Ash should, in colloquial terms, get a good beating for the improper behaviour they believed rightly or wrongly he had been engaging in with young girls.