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CMAPChicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (Chicago, IL)
CMAPConference Manager Access Protocol
CMAPColor Map
CMAPCompound Muscle Action Potential (aka Compound Motor Action Potential; neurophysiology)
CMAPCharacter Map
CMAPCancer Molecular Analysis Project (US NIH)
CMAPCover My Ass Partner
CMAPClimate Modeling, Analysis & Prediction (NSF)
CMAPCoherent Multiarray Processing
CMAPCombat Military Appreciation Process (Australian Army)
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The time is then converted into distance, and a color map is used to correspond to the range of distances.
Last, PolyWorks 2016 uses texture mapping to fill pixels with color when zooming in on color maps. This helps produce better, easier-to-understand color maps, and it improves the display speed of the data-to-CAD deviation color map and interpolation of deviation colors.
The default color map is often a red-green-blue (RGB) rainbow palette.
The colors of the scanned maps were reduced to a standard color map of 13 colors.
Once digitized, the data are displayed in a 3-D color map that visualizes geometric variation.
As Mike Horner, owner and president of Tom Sawyer Camps in Altadena, California, points out, "I export the camper names and addresses from my camp database into GeoFinder and print a color map for each driver with each of their campers marked on the map."
It creates a color map that shows the deviation of the part surfaces between the two sources.
It also details the River Rail Trolley route and all one-way streets as well as a color map and pertinent contact information for Alltel Arena, Parking Enforcement and the Little Rock Zoo.
When hail occurs, a regional color map is created along with city-level maps for cities within the region.
The PC-based touchscreen features on-screen, touch activated controls and a customized color map floor plan of resident rooms.
A color map of the city, identifying sites of the highest importance to Israelis, Palestinians, and both sides shows the close proximity of all holy places.
Color map. The sensors deliver a color map of surface brain waves every eight milliseconds.