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COMBCenter of Marine Biotechnology (University of Maryland)
COMBCommonwealth Ombudsman (Australia)
COMBClub Olympique Multisport Bagneux (French: Bagneux Multisport Olympic Club; Bagneux, France)
COMBCanadian Outdoor Measurement Bureau (Toronto, Ontario)
COMBCollegi Oficial de Metges de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)
COMBCommunity Bankshares, Inc (Delaware; stock symbol)
COMBCovenant Mutual Benefits Plan
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These rhombs have certain angles, and the three which form the pyramidal base of a single cell on one side of the comb, enter into the composition of the bases of three adjoining cells on the opposite side.
Time dragged heavily till the time of the full moon, but it passed at last, and as soon as it rose the young wife went to the pond, combed her black hair with a golden comb, and when she had finished, placed the comb on the bank; then she watched the water impatiently.
As Grimaud entered he saw this comb on the tea-table; he took it up, and as he took it he made a low bow.
"Do you suppose he can possibly recover?" said Levin, watching a slender tress at the back of her round little head that was continually hidden when she passed the comb through the front.
"Not by a whole comb," cried the young bee who had broken the cluster.
Magdalen's curious fancy for having her hair combed at all times and seasons was among the peculiarities of her character which were notorious to everybody in the house.
The girl's mechanically moving hand stopped, and held the comb in suspense.
He held in for a spell, walking up and down the comb of the roof and shaking his head and muttering to himself; but his feelings got the upper hand of him, presently, and he broke loose and cussed himself black in the face.
As if I couldn't, that have combed it these seven years-- better than your mother, darling, better than your mother.
Instead of serried rows of bees sealing up every gap in the combs and keeping the brood warm, he sees the skillful complex structures of the combs, but no longer in their former state of purity.
For there lay The Combs--the set of combs, side and back, that Della had worshipped long in a Broadway window.
A BEE from Mount Hymettus, the queen of the hive, ascended to Olympus to present Jupiter some honey fresh from her combs. Jupiter, delighted with the offering of honey, promised to give whatever she should ask.