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COMZCommunications Zone (Europe)
COMZCombat Zone
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Service members who are serving in a combat zone can receive relief from compliance actions, such as audits or enforced collections, until 180 days after the taxpayer has left the zone.
If they are serving outside of the combat zone and if the service member qualified for special pay due to hostile or imminent danger, or if their service was in direct support of an operation within a combat zone, the tax forgiveness also applies.
One of the first women officially allowed in the combat zone, she confronted life-or-death risks in spite of being a civilian noncombatant.
Though considerably better off than we have been, their infantry units were rotating at the rate of 3:2:3 i.e., three years in combat zone, two years in a peace station and again three years in combat.
Specific guidelines define what constitutes a combat zone. Generally, combat pay can be excluded from income for tax purposes if the service member serves in an area that the president of the United States designates as such by an executive order (Sec.
The debriefing aims to address possible cases of PTSD among troops, a sickness that is beyond superficial wounds common among soldiers, policemen and other law enforcers who have been to combat zones or some life threatening situations.
What is it like to be a property manager in the trenches of a combat zone?
PLANS to transform an ancient woodland into a combat zone are gathering pace in Beaumont Park.
On the bare language of the Benchbook instructions, the defense could argue that a wheeled vehicle mechanic in a combat zone was not performing "important service"--he was doing the same kind of vehicle maintenance he did every day back in the States.
Follow-up studies contain a relatively large sample of military servicemen and women and provide information on whether active-duty servicemen and women were deployed to a combat zone, assigned to a non-combat zone outside of the United States, or served on active-duty in the United States exclusively.
In a move that acknowledges the massive mental strains of fighting simultaneous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Obama has decided to send condolence letters to the families of military service members who commit suicide in a combat zone.
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