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C/CCabin Cruiser (US DoD)
C/CCast Off and Clear (US DoD)
C/CCombustion Chamber
C/CCarbon Fiber-Reinforced Carbon
C/CCenter to Center
C/CCrew Chief
C/CCommunication and Collaboration
C/Cchief complaint (medical)
C/CCompare/Contrast (analysis)
C/CContinuous Coverage (insurance)
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The temperature profiles at the combustion chamber exit were measured by three type K thermocouples (temperature range 0~800[degrees]C, permissible error [+ or -] 2.5[degrees]C).
The classic design of an ICE combustion chamber is formed by the piston head and cylinder head.
The increase in peak pressure in the case of multilayered ceramic coated piston is due to the ceramic coating which retains the heat inside the combustion chamber which in turn increases the engine operating temperature resulting in increased cylinder peak pressure.
To develop hybrid methods of CFD simulation of combustion chamber environmental performance, it is necessary to solve two main problems:
For this reason, this research seeks to find out how the combustion quality is influenced by the structural elements of the combustion chamber, such as the thermal insulation layer of the combustion chamber and the position of secondary air intake.
The gas turbine includes propeller, compressor, combustion chamber and turbine.
Destin Sandlin, an American engineer who hosts the YouTube educational series Smarter Every Day, filmed a video of him using a transparent potato gun as a combustion chamber, which allowed him to fire off explosions.
I just wonder if Merritt can make his combustion chamber compact enough for the high compression ratios of today.
"Hemi: A History of Chrysler's Iconic V-8 In Competition" by car enthusiast and historian Geoff Stunkard is a profusely illustrated and comprehensive 192 page history of the Hemi -- a hemispherical combustion chamber is a type of combustion chamber with a domed cylinder head.