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Big nose, no doubt,' is the quiet commentary again.
He had finished his professional commentary by flinging open a folding door, and ushering the party into a broad hall, which was filled with a great number of people who were waiting, like themselves, for an audience.
fray Luis' commentary on Song of Songs 5:14, where he explicitly invokes the Petrarchan metaphors for each body part of a beautiful woman to illustrate the figurative language used in the Song of Songs when the bride and the groom praise each other's beauty ("Como lo hace aquel gran poeta toscano que haviendo de bar los cabellos, los llama oro, a los labios grana, a los dientes perlas, y a los ojos luces, lumbres o estrellas" (Blecua, ed.
The two-disc set includes commentary on all 10 episodes by stars Bob Odenkirk and David Cross and footage of the comics at the 1997 U.
Not only will scholars of Renaissance humanism find the book rich in information, especially about some lesser-known figures such as Oliverius Arzignanensis and Theophilus Chalcondyles, but Marijke Crab's contribution also stands as a useful case study in the history of the book, humanist education, the printed commentary tradition, and the history of classical scholarship (Adam Foley, University of Notre Dame).
Wasif Mustafa, Head of Marketing Mobilink said, 'The launch of Mobilink Desi Commentary service endorses the company's commitment towards introducing innovative and fun-filled services targeted to excite and entertain customers.
Welcome the most recent one-volume commentary on the Bible, including the books of the Apocrypha (including 3 and 4 Maccabees and Psalm 151), i.
xvi), although this description certainly fits some of them (there is also a lack of consistency in the form and structure of Averroes's short commentaries; see Druart's 1994 study, cited in the bibliography, where she muses whether Averroes had read the De anima carefully before writing the short commentary on it).
The decade and a half from 1945 to 1960 is the starting period of Commentary which, under the exceptionally capable editorship of Elliot Cohen, would become one of America's foremost intellectual magazines and whose fine writers would, in the early years of Commentary's history, reflect the legacies of Franklin D.
Indeed, finding a fresh perspective is the fundamental challenge facing Nathan Abrams in his book Commentary Magazine, 1945-59, a detailed history of the magazine's first fifteen years.
Patricia Osmond observes that Northern humanists like Badius and Glareanus sensed that a Sallust commentary attributed to Lorenzo Valla neglected Valla's aims of renovatio litterarum.
98) includes alternative endings, 14 deleted and extended scenes, plus commentary from director John Polson.