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CMTSCable Modem Termination System (Cisco)
CMTSComputerized Maintenance Test System (NASA)
CMTSCompliance Monitoring Tracking System
CMTSChange Management Tracking System
CMTSCheyenne Mountain Training System
CMTSControl and Monitor Test Set
CMTSCommissioner's Mail Tracking System
CMTSCarrier Transmission Maintenance System (Alcatel)
CMTSCentral Maintenance Test Set
CMTSChicago Metropolitan Trauma Society
CMTSComments (US DoD)
CMTSCellular Mobile Telephone Service
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She returned to the study and related what had just occurred, adding some sarcastic comments on the efficacy of moral force in maintaining collegiate discipline.
And while as he made the change in dress he made so many whimsical comments also about a man's pride and the dress that makes a man, that the palmer was like to choke with cackling laughter.
Go to bed, mademoiselle," said Milady; "I don't like comments.
Some were perusing the article, others making comments and recalling circumstances which substantiated the charges still more.
1843, comments on this passage as follows: "That great patron and Coryphaeus of this tribe, Nicolo Machiavel, laid down this for a master rule in his political scheme: 'That the show of religion was helpful to the politician, but the reality of it hurtful and pernicious.
There was a youthful private who listened with eager ears to the words of the tall soldier and to the varied comments of his comrades.
What comments must be made; and if the Fronde knows that monseigneur has disappeared, how the Fronde must triumph
All these comments, and this vast enthusiasm, served the more to interest our friend; nor did he think of questioning that now, at length, the mountain-visage had found its human counterpart.
There we lay quite an hour, a congress of pocket-handkerchiefs, making our comments on the company, and gossiping in our own fashion.
Both letters were forwarded from New York to Tehama Street, San Francisco, with marginal comments as brief as they were bitter.
I did not wait for her comments on this announcement, but bowed and immediately withdrew.
Dupin seemed singularly interested in the progress of this affair -- at least so I judged from his manner, for he made no comments.