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CMTSComments (US DoD)
CMTSCable Modem Termination System (Cisco)
CMTSCable Modem Termination System
CMTSCentralized Maintenance Test System
CMTSCellular Mobile Telephone Service
CMTSConsulting Member of Technical Staff (various organizations)
CMTSClinical Trial Management System (software)
CMTSComputerized Maintenance Test System (NASA)
CMTSCompliance Monitoring Tracking System
CMTSChange Management Tracking System
CMTSCheyenne Mountain Training System
CMTSControl and Monitor Test Set
CMTSCarrier Transmission Maintenance System (Alcatel)
CMTSCentral Maintenance Test Set
CMTSCommissioner's Mail Tracking System
CMTSChicago Metropolitan Trauma Society
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"That Beecher certainly was slick," commented Professor Bumper when they were ready to start.
"Which," Powell again commented to me earnestly, "was a lie .
The superior nerve of women in all matters connected with love, from the casting of the first sheep's-eye down to the end of the honeymoon, is too well acknowledged to need comment. Nor is the example a fair one to cite in the present instance, the positions not being equally balanced.
Action (and Inaction) In Response to Fake Comments 71
parties, (2) fake comments submitted during rulemaking procedures
IANS | San Francisco Google is planning to launch a new feature that will enable users to leave in search results comments that could be seen by others.
Threaded comments have been in Microsoft Word for a while and work great.
As the United States Federal Communications Commission readies to repeal the current rules that protect net neutrality, a new Pew Research study of the millions of public comments submitted regarding the issue found that many comments were duplicates and a majority came from temporary email addresses.
Two readers recently asked me whether online comments on contribute to incivility.
Like many trolls, @zdzisiekm cuts and pastes the same memes into many comments. He especially likes a post that begins, "All global warming seen since 1880 has been less than the natural centennial global temperature variability," followed by a cherry-picked list of papers from obscure journals with little or no peer review, meant to leave the impression that there is scientific debate about the causes of climate change.