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Do with this commission what you will; only remember, though the name be blank, it is to you I give it.
There may possibly be something in the report of the commission of inquiry touching on Ferrari's disappearance.
Because you might have been paid for this commission, and you have not.
They had seen the LIBERTY ASSUMED by a VERY FEW deputies from a VERY FEW States, convened at Annapolis, of recommending a great and critical object, wholly foreign to their commission, not only justified by the public opinion, but actually carried into effect by twelve out of the thirteen States.
You told me you took only a commission," was Saxon's accusation.
The viceroy, son-in-law to the Emperor, with whom I was joined in the commission, gave me many distinguishing proofs of his affection to me, and of his zeal for the Catholic religion.
Late in the evening, when Rostov was about to leave, he asked Denisov whether he had no commission for him.
When Kasatsky took up his commission his mother moved with her daughter first to Moscow and then to their country estate.
Helen, rehearsing her commission, noticed nothing: the Basts were in her brain, and she retold the crisis in a meditative way, which might have made other men curious.
As for your commission, I travelled down from London alone with the man you told me to spy upon.
Yet, for God's sake, forget none of my commissions.
Deeming this insufficient for purchase of the site and payment of reasonable commissions to themselves, the men in charge of the matter asked for a larger sum, which was readily given.
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