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COMMITCommunity Intervention Trial for Smoking Cessation (National Cancer Institute)
COMMITCoordinated Mekong Ministerial Initiative against Trafficking
COMMITCommunity Impact Team (Colorado Springs, CO police)
COMMITCultivating Obedience, Ministering Mercy, Internalizing Truth (mother/daughter conference)
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Yields, under irresistible pressure, to t he exertion of her guardian's authority, and commits the expression of her feelings to Sir Patrick, who is a born tyrant, and doesn't in the least mind breaking other people's hearts.
In matters of high importance, particularly in cases relating to the game, the justice was not always attentive to these admonitions of his clerk; for, indeed, in executing the laws under that head, many justices of peace suppose they have a large discretionary power, by virtue of which, under the notion of searching for and taking away engines for the destruction of the game, they often commit trespasses, and sometimes felony, at their pleasure.
Mrs Western said, "she knew the law much better; that she had known servants very severely punished for affronting their masters;" and then named a certain justice of the peace in London, "who," she said, "would commit a servant to Bridewell at any time when a master or mistress desired it.
Then I'll commit him--I'll commit him as such,' said Mr.
There ain't a magistrate goin' as don't commit himself twice as he commits other people.
Jinks,' said the magistrate, 'I shall commit that man for contempt.
Winkle--all wery nice gen'l'm'n, Sir, as you'll be wery happy to have the acquaintance on; so the sooner you commits these here officers o' yourn to the tread--mill for a month or two, the sooner we shall begin to be on a pleasant understanding.
As we continue to grow at this rapid pace, we knew we had to add to our digital team and bring in additional expertise in web design, development, SEO and content to keep up with the demands of our clients," said David Ralls, Commit president.
However, less than 48 hours later, Tyner decided it was best to commit back to Oregon and not visit other schools.
His son, Anthony John Tully, 38, pleaded guilty to two charges of conspiracy to commit arson and conspiracy to commit blackmail.
Mayo told several USC players and recruits last week he would officially commit to the Trojans during this weekend's ABCD basketball camp in Teaneck, N.
Should the justice system focus on punishment or rehabilitation for- teens who commit brutal crimes?