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A few weeks after the departure of the troops, Commodore Warren sent a small vessel to Boston with two French prisoners.
They were so incensed at the conduct of the British Commodore Knowles, who had impressed some of their fellow-citizens, that several thousands of them surrounded the council chamber and threw stones and brickbats into the windows.
They ascended the accommodation ladder, were greeted by the Commodore, hat in hand, and passing along the quarter-deck, the marine guard presented arms, while the band struck up 'The King of the Cannibal Islands'.
'Commodore!' said the stranger, starting up, 'my coach-- place booked,--one outside--leave you to pay for the brandy- and-water,--want change for a five,--bad silver--Brummagem buttons--won't do--no go--eh?' and he shook his head most knowingly.
Bonnycastle had found him half an hour before; looked also at the commodore, who, on her bosom, seemed to breathe again with his widow's respirations.
Pushing, shoving, and hauling, greeting old friends here and warning old enemies there, Commodore Tom Platt led his little fleet well to leeward of the general crowd, and immediately three or four men began to haul on their anchors with intent to lee-bow the "We're Heres".
The Commodore at Lima ordered Captain Fitz Roy to inquire concerning this debt, and to demand satisfaction if it were not paid.
In honor of Commodore Porter and the long-standing U.S.-Turkish relationship, current Consul General Deborah K.
An agreement to develop a series of mobile games based on 1980's classic games developed for the Commodore C64 computer has been established by Kiloo, a mobile entertainment publisher.
Commodore Jamie Millar CBE RN presents the Trafalgar Address' Coun David Clarke, Mayor Ian Imray, Commodore Jamie Millar and Roy Richardson' Kevin O'Sullivan, Graham Selby, Michael Touay' Gordon Partridge, Randolph Johnson, Steven Quinn, Franz Roessler' King Henry V (alias Tarquin Shaw-Young) re-appears to acknowledge Nelson
* Gaines, Ann Graham, Commodore Perry Opens Japan to Trade in World History (Enslow, 2000).
According to the paper, Holden chairman and managing director Denny Mooney noted that the company, which unveiled a concept battery-powered ECOmmodore vehicle in 2000, expects that a hybrid version of the Commodore would help improve sales.