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Common Ground is sponsored by The Land Conservancy of McHenry County, Liberty Prairie Foundation, Openlands, McHenry-Lake Soil & Water Conservation District and Food:Land:Opportunity.
Common Ground seeks to build a community of like-minded individuals that promotes partnerships, business opportunities, and work-life balance.
She noted that the Search for Common Ground was in states that have been declared as red alert states of possible violence- Adamawa, Borno, Plateau, and Benue state, adding that what the NGO came out with was a negative implication of rumour, hate speech, availability criminal armed groups, small arms among others.
Common Ground decided to establish its presence in the Philippines as it saw an opportunity to offer its service to the growing number of businesses in the country, particularly since co-working is a thriving concept in the country with the number of co-working spaces spread out in the key business hubs.
One official at the foreign ministry said the US had made it clear to Pakistan that the 'common ground' should be acceptance of all the demands made by Washington.
Elaborating on Mattis' visit to the country, the Pentagon spokesman said that the defence secretary had "very fruitful conversations" regarding where a common ground can be found.
We will give you more, but again it's a conversation that's about common ground," she added.When asked by a reporteraboutthe common ground",White continued, "Again, terrorism.
'The secretary [Jim Mattis] had very fruitful conversations about where they we can find common ground. As he said, you know, no one has lost more troops and lives to terrorism than the Pakistanis.
Julie Hanlon Rubio's Hope for Common Ground tries to provide that direction by proposing pragmatic, small-scale, and incremental policy possibilities that Catholics can support regardless of their ideological preferences.
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