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Poland's voters, observers say, are no longer frightened that former communists will bring back Stalinism.
By the time Foster joined the Communist Party in 1921, at the age of forty, he had been an organizer--and, by all accounts, an extremely effective one--in the meat-packing and steel industries.
It is much more difficult to detect Communist propaganda in a motion picture, in written form, or over the air, than it is to spot a Communist" (California Legislature, 1953, p.
Petersburg, Russia -- the first cathedral re-built in European Russia since the Communist Revolution.
While details of his association are still foggy, a review of communist-era files by Poland's Catholic Church Historical Commission concluded: "There are numerous, substantial documents confirming Stanislaw Wielgus' willingness for a conscious and secret cooperation with the Communist security forces.
The Corruption Perception Index, calculated by the German group Transparency International, provides good evidence that, some 16 years after the end of Communist rule, corruption is still a serious problem.
The text mentions Mao Zedong, the Communist leader and revolutionary considered the father of modern China, only once--in a chapter on etiquette.
This time the odds will be a little more even, in an effort to try to bring down one of the last remaining hard-line communist governments in the world through the joint efforts of The Albanian American Civic League and the Free Congress Foundation's Albanian Democracy Project, co-chaired by former U.
24 November, Prague: Central Committee of the Czechoslovakian Communist Party resigns.
It was while working with the Americans that his past communist activities began to be investigated, chiefly by General Charles Willoughby, described by MacArthur as "my lovable fascist.
Communist antiaircraft fire had always been a problem, but the hard-pressed men on the ground had to be supported, especially during the desperate retreat from Chosin the previous winter (see Nov-Dec 2000).
Wright became a member of the John Reed Club in 1933, although he did not actually Join the Communist Party until 1934.