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COMCommercial (Internet top level domain)
COMCommand (File Name Extension)
COMComponent Object Model (Microsoft)
COMComponent Oriented Middleware
COMComplete (railroads)
COMCost of Money (finance)
COMCustomer's Own Material
COMChange of Mission
COMCollege of Communication (Boston University)
COMCollege of Medicine
COMCenter Of Mass
COMCustomer Operations Manager
COMCommittee of Management
COMCommon Object Model
COMChief of Mission
COMChief Of Maintenance
COMComedy Central (cable network)
COMComoros (ISO Country code)
COMChain of Memories (Kingdom Hearts video game)
COMCommission On Ministry
COMcommander (US DoD)
COMClinical Operations Manager
COMCost Of Manufacture
COMCouncil on Ministries
COMCenter for Optics Manufacturing
COMConsequence Management
COMCollege of Marin
COMCabinet of Ministers
COMCollege of the Mainland (Texas City, Texas)
COMCaptain of Marines
COMContamination Monitor
COMCreepy Old Man
COMColloidal Organic Matter
COMCollege of Osteopathic Medicine
COMComputer Output Microfiche
COMContinuous Opacity Monitor (environment)
COMChronic Otitis Media
COMCount on Me
COMCommutator (part of an electric motor)
COMComite Olimpico Mexicano (Mexican olympic participation agency)
COMCampers on Mission
COMCompany Operations Manual
COMCouncil of Mages (game)
COMContinuation Of Message (ATMF)
COMComponent Object Module
COMCrown of Might (game)
COMCorporal of Marines
COMColonel of Marines
COMCírculo de Oficiales de Mar (Argentina)
COMCouncil On Ministry (United Methodist Church)
COMCommissioned Officers Mess
COMCoal-Oil Mixture
COMCommodity Options Market
COMCollection Operations Management
COMComputer Operations Manual
COMCentral Office Module
COMCommission on Overseas Mission
COMCockpit Operating Manual
COMConventiei Organizatiilor de Media (Romanian)
COMCharacter-Oriented Message
COMCowl of Mortality (gaming)
COMChange Order Master
COMCommissary Operating Manual
COMCountry of Origin Minimum Check (city/airport code)
CoMChurch of Miho (Megatokyo religion)
COMCustomer's Own Merchandise
COMCrystallographic Orientation Matrix
COMClient-Owned Material
COMComputer-Output Microfilm/Microform
COMCalcium Oxalate Monohydrate
COMCouncil of Management (UK)
COMCentre d'Océanologie de Marseille (French: Oceanology Center of Marseilles; Marseilles, France)
COMCulture, Organization and Management
COMContrat d'Objectifs et de Moyens (French: Contract Objectives and Means)
COMCollectivité d'Outre-Mer (French: Overseas Communities)
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the frequency diagram as show in fig 5 The commutator is designed so that, no matter how the current in the loop alternates, the commutator segment containing the outward-going current is always against the "out" brush at the proper time.
Let H be a semisimple Hopf algebra then the commutator subalgebra H' of H is the algebra generated by Com.
While the cutting tool passes the commutator plate of 3-5 mm thickness, the cutting process does not reach a steady state.
At first according to formulas (7), (11), (8) and (12) we calculate the current and inductance when the commutator is switched on and switched off.
Now assume that [gamma] is not a subset of the contacts of [LAMBDA]', and consider any commutator of [gamma] which is not a contact of [LAMBDA]'.
BLDC motors have no brushes or commutators to wear out or require regular maintenance, so they can operate unattended for long times.
We show that for one-dimensional problems, it is possible to specify boundary conditions in such a way that the commutator is zero even at domain boundaries.
This design uses specially formulated graphite that is molded directly into and around the commutator body, producing a secure assembly without solder or adhesives.
High rpms can cause brush wear and arcing between the brushes and commutator bars.
newman's machine consists of a battery pack, a commutator connected to a rotating permanent magnet and a coil of wire.
Tenders are invited for Commutator For Hs 15250 Traction Armature As Per Clw Drg.