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On arriving at the compartment where Porthos, like the exterminating angel, had destroyed all he touched, the first rank drew back in terror.
"Excuse me, gentlemen,--this compartment is reserved."
"I have been travelling in an uncomfortable compartment," she observed.
It had been tacitly understood between us that we were not to speak of his mother--and, besides, he might be angry if he knew that I had opened the private compartment of his dressing-case.
I open it, and there are the green-baize compartments, one with a box of percussion caps, still apparently full, another that could not contain many more wadded-bullets, and a third with a powder-horn which can never have been much lighter.
Every detail of the day had been so carefully thought out that the young couple, after the wedding-breakfast, had ample time to put on their travelling-clothes, descend the wide Mingott stairs between laughing bridesmaids and weeping parents, and get into the brougham under the traditional shower of rice and satin slippers; and there was still half an hour left in which to drive to the station, buy the last weeklies at the bookstall with the air of seasoned travellers, and settle themselves in the reserved compartment in which May's maid had already placed her dove-coloured travelling cloak and glaringly new dressing-bag from London.
Shortly thereafter a guard entered our compartment and dragged me to the deck.
There was nothing in the compartment, and no other occupant.
The massive wardrobe possessed compartments of unusual size, in which double the number of dresses that Agnes possessed might have been conveniently hung at full length.
The Scotia, divided into seven compartments by strong partitions, could brave with impunity any leak.
The gas compartments are permitted both fore and aft, as in the old type, but the water-ballast central tank is rendered obligatory.
The duke thanked Monsieur de Chavigny for having, as he said, cleaned his drawing-paper for him; he then divided the walls of his room into compartments and dedicated each of these compartments to some incident in Mazarin's life.
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