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COMPELControl and Modeling for Power Electronics (conference)
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When the dust settles, the approach to compelled commercial speech proposed here requires that government satisfy two disqualifiers and at least one of the two qualifiers before it can constitutionally compel a commercial speaker to include specific statements in its advertising: First, in order to qualify for constitutional validity, the compelled speech in question must either further the government's legitimate interest in protecting the health or safety of the public, or prevent imposition of fraud on the public that could reasonably be expected to result in a financial loss.
The Court of Appeals addressed Hayden's coverage argument noting that the "fact that a dispute implicates coverage in addition to the amount of loss does not automatically preclude appraisal." Accordingly, the court granted TWIA's petition for a writ of mandamus and directed the trial court to grant TWIA's motion to compel appraisal.
a state could compel a private individual to convey the message of
Wistron and Compel mainly manufacture tablets for Acer and Lenovo, respectively.
Available in both Chrome and Brilliance stainless finishes, the Compel bath collection features a full suite of products, including lavatories in single-handle, vessel and widespread options, single and dual-function pressure balanced showers, diverters, Roman tubs, a bidet, decorative supply line covers and a line of matching accessories.
The Compel order is expected to be shipped during WEGENER's third quarter and the Unity 552 order will be shipped during WEGENER's second quarter.
The TTAB denied Plaintiff's motion to compel, noting that, according to its manual of procedure, a party residing in a foreign country may be compelled to appear for an oral testimonial deposition only through the procedures provided in The Hague Convention or the issuance of letters rogatory to the appropriate Portuguese legal authority.
First, government "compels" schoolchildren to believe certain things without attempting to "persuade" them.
In order to preserve their right to seek contribution from other PRPs under CERCLA, private parties may be apt to wait for government to either (1) compel a cleanup of the site or (2) remediate the site and sue to recover its response costs.
IT specialist Compel Group was in positive mood yesterday after posting improved interim profit and turnover figures.
On October 1 IBM filed with the court a motion to compel discovery - essentially IBM asking SCO to specify exactly what trade secrets and code it says IBM has misappropriated.