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which completely coincides with the previously determined vector of Fryze active current, which indicates the correctness of the calculation of the parameters of the compensator.
A compensator also adds weight to the moving parts, which also contributes to slowing down their rearward travel speed under recoil.
Thus, the i/o equation of the compensator R can be obtained if the one-form (16) is integrable.
The very first issue that I found was that the newly installed and threaded compensator was loose on the barrel muzzle and that the slide had a heavy "sticking point" when first trying to work it rearward.
Determination of the capacitances of these capacitors is the task of synthesizing the parameters of the compensator, provided that the reactive power is fully compensated.
The source noted that the supply of static var compensator requires six to eight months, and this does not contradict the pilot operation of the project.
By timing, I mean which side is oriented to the top of the compensator. Several of these devices are made for left- or right-handed shooters and are intended to be rotated just enough to give the shooter the most benefit with regard to recoil and muzzle rise.
This means that [Q.sub.r] gives the power of optimum balanced capacitive compensator ([S.sub.pC]), which maximizes the power factor under the nonsinusoidal voltage and current conditions:
Lead-Lag Compensator. The lag-lead compensator combines the features and functions of the phase-lead and phase-lag compensators.
can be considered as a feedforward compensator. However, the compensated system FR that under (1) reads as
After introducing the Newton-Raphson method and the power flow problem, he considers the Newton power flow model of the static synchronous series compensator, of the unified power flow controller, of the interline power flow controller, of the generalized power flow controller, and of the static compensator, voltage-sourced converter based on high-voltage direct current systems.