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COMPOCreator of Music Performance Organization (est. 2003; Hong Kong)
COMPOCouncil of Motion Picture Organizations (Hollywood, CA)
COMPOComponent Code
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8m in compo claims last year for laughable injuries like tripping over kerbs.
London-born Mr Owen played Compo from 1973 until his death and became an adopted Yorkshireman and is buried in Upperthong.
It is true that he must not act on its behalf, but there's nothing to stop him explaining where the money's gone or why, given his track record, anyone should trust his latest compo firm.
Anything smaller than Compo would look like a garden gnome - if they raise the cash.
said Thursday it will launch all-new versions of its Step Wagon minivans and motorized bicycle Step Compo on Friday.
TAYLOR, Texas-Intercraft, the $370 million-plus photo frame behemoth, acquired Pedrosa, manufacturer of compo pasta frame products, on Oct.
Enhanced eBooks for the Charlie Girl series are first to market with innovative, exclusive digital animation techniques produced by European technology provider Nord Compo.
CRUEL Owen Collins burned a girl's hand on a radiator because she told him he looked like scruffy TV character Compo.
On the caf walls are signed photos of actors Kathy Staff and Bill Owen - Nora Batty and Compo, the star-crossed lovers of the world's longest-running TV sitcom.
You may recall that Harry Redknapp's defection to Tottenham in October 2008 sparked a pounds 5m compo payment.
l Denise Hendry's plastic surgeon pays pounds 750,000 compo for botched ops.
Nora's attempts to fend off amorous advances from scruffy layabout Compo - often with a broom - were a Last of the Summer Wine staple.