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CPNTChasse Pêche Nature Traditions (French: Hunting, Fishing, Nature and Traditions; political party)
CPNTClubul pentru Protectia Naturii si Turism (Romanian: Nature Protection and Tourism Club; Brasov, Romania)
CPNTCalcium Phosphate Nanoclusters Technology
CPNTCentral and Peripheral Nervous Tissue (oncology)
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(in the mathematical sense) of the meanings of its component words.
Some of the effects are very daring, approaching even to the boldest flights of the rococo, the sirocco, and the Byzantine schools--yet the master's hand never falters--it moves on, calm, majestic, confident--and, with that art which conceals art, it finally casts over the TOUT ENSEMBLE, by mysterious methods of its own, a subtle something which refines, subdues, etherealizes the arid components and endures them with the deep charm and gracious witchery of poesy.
The examples that are listed include "parent and one or more subsidiaries," "investees accounted for by the equity or cost method of accounting," and "head of one or more divisions or branches." Accordingly, these scenarios include business activities (or separate entities) where the accounting is performed separately for each component and then combined to form a "group." However, the explanatory information doesn't stop there; it also says that a group can be identified by the combining of "function, process, product or service ...
The concept of a component information system (CIS) has been around since the 1990s, and most major EDA vendors offer one form or another.
The OSGi framework implements a dynamic component model and offers service platform for Java programming language.
600, Special Considerations--Audits of Group Financial Statements (Including the Work of Component Auditors), defines a continuum of materiality amounts that conceivably could be allocated to components.
Already, in 2005, 2 million metric tons of aluminum components were put on European roads in new passenger cars.
Representatives of the P & E Policy Office have been working closely with component POCs to identify changes to the program data, which likely will include changes to program funding and updated linkages to the accounting system.
Every component has what is termed a "stress threshold" beyond which the component undergoes a permanent change in shape such as buckling.
The controller can be used as a stand-alone unit or be integrated as a computer-controlled component of a larger system.
Among the many innovations in ICEfaces that simplify AJAX for Java developers is the ICEfaces Component Suite, a complete set of rich JSF components that take full advantage of the benefits of the ICEfaces framework.