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"Once the compression joint was developed, the clay pipe industry helped develop the air test which is the standard practice today for testing the integrity of buried pipelines.
If you chose the compression joint for a grip, slide it to the center of the pipe.
Factory-fabricated flexible compression joints and couplings having resilient properties are used to achieve tight clay pipelines in today's sanitary sewer construction.
Add pipe compound to the threads to make it easier to tighten compression joints.
Locate frozen pipe: Water expands as it freezes, which can cause old pipes to split open or a compression joint (where two lengths of copper piping are joined) to push apart.
Plumbers, for example, should only use compression joints.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) 30 Kg size CO2 fire fighting pumps, also 12 Kg powder matic fire pumps with sensitive head & (b) advanced compression joints. Ref.
Plumbers for example should only use compression joints.
Compression joints are most common on shutoff valves, although you find them on other fittings as well.