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CMPTComputer Science (course)
CMPTClinical Microbiology Proficiency Testing (University of British Columbia; Canada)
CMPTConsequence Management Planning Team (US DoD)
CMPTCentre for Marine and Petroleum Technology (UK)
CMPTCertified Manual Physical Therapist (North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy)
CMPTClube Manager Portugal
CMPTComposite Technology
CMPTConventional Marine Propulsion Training
CMPTCommon Mode Power Transfer
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Third, much like the compute grid, the storage grid acts like a single resource, intelligently sharing the workload to ensure that no single part of the storage grid is overloaded.
This joint effort, expected to roll out during the next six months, should facilitate increased adoption of the distributed technical compute farm model.
The launch of the NEBS-compliant cPCI bladed compute system is a key milestone in Continuous Computing's long history of shipping cPCI products and illustrates the company's "best total solution" approach to telecom network infrastructure.
This data parallel approach requires the creation and management of data partitions and replicas that are used by the compute nodes.
SAN DIEGO -- Continuous Computing([R]), global provider of integrated systems and services that enable telecom equipment manufacturers to rapidly deploy Next Generation Networks (NGN), today announced the launch of a new AdvancedTCA (ATCA) bladed compute system designed to address the common networking requirements of telecommunications network elements.
This scattering and gathering of data partitions is time consuming and susceptible to program errors or compute node failures, making the overall process difficult to manage.
Virtualization significantly decreases up-front capital expense, as well as long-run operational expense, because there are simply fewer boxes to buy and manage, and compute resources can be managed as a consolidated pool, rather than on a box-by-box basis.
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