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CONCEPTConsolidated Community Emissions Processing Tool (emissions modeling)
CONCEPTConsortium of Nursing, Clinical, Educational and Professional Teams
CONCEPTConsortium for Computer Education and Programmer Training (est. 1984)
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Concept maps are intended to represent meaningful relationships between concepts in the form of propositions.
While there are no plans to bring the WTCC to production in its current form, Lyons says GM could easily build a car close to the concept in a few years.
feminists, homosexuals) who, with public financial assistance, are working actively at ensuring that the recreational concept is thoroughly embodied in our law system.
Additionally, alongside the Fine-X and i-swing, Toyota will display the ESTIMA HYBRID CONCEPT, a next-generation hybrid minivan with improved performance, as well as other concept vehicles and technology exhibits.
Browning quickly provided seed money when we approached him with a compelling concept that might have broad defense applications.
PALMDALE - Lockheed Martin presented to the Pentagon four concepts, including a new stealth bomber and a rocket-launched glider, as possible temporary successors to the B-2 stealth bomber in the next two decades.
Observation on the differences between pre- and post evaluation mean scores for the Piers-Harris Children's Self Concept Scale revealed gains in three of the experimental classes concerning students' self ratings of self concept.
It is a kind of megalomania, for sure, but even so, aesthetic experience is wrought from the concept against its will, and the frustration of Conceptual art, its struggling against the limits of the concept in the name of the concept, is vented or at least deferred.
Concept maps consist of nodes--boxes or circles with verbal labels--connected by lines with brief descriptions of relationships between pairs of nodes.
The project group defined a government-wide "once-and-for-all" concept, later called the DOMEA Concept, which mainly addresses office systems manufacturers and points out the federal administration's requirements regarding electronic recordkeeping and IT support of administrative working processes.
An example of a concept map, developed by Novack, showing the key concepts involved in concept mapping is shown above.
Three concept planes are used to implement the concept described here for the inspection process.