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CONCConcession (Canada Post road designation)
CONCConcentric (reducers)
CONCCost of Non-Conformance
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To avoid, however, all contention, if possible, with these philosophers, if they will be called so; and to show our own disposition to accommodate matters peaceably between us, we shall here make them some concessions, which may possibly put an end to the dispute.
In return to all these concessions, I desire of the philosophers to grant, that there is in some (I believe in many) human breasts a kind and benevolent disposition, which is gratified by contributing to the happiness of others.
It seems to be theirs by right of discovery and government concession," he said, in disappointed tone.
I've spent a good few years trying to put a bit together, and this is the first chance I've had," he said; "I'm going to have you back me as a British subject on that concession.
For their part, they make allowance in their scheme of life for a great possibility, and with some of them that bare concession of possibility (the subject of it being what it is) becomes the most important fact in the world.
Horizon) (TSXV: HPL) regarding the disposal of, through wholly-owned subsidiaries and other SLE-controlled entities, 100% interests in two oil & gas concessions in Poland known as Cieszyn and Bielsko-Biala (the Primary Concessions), plus 100% working interests in two additional oil & gas concessions in Poland known as Prusice and Kotlarka, and another concession which is under application (together the Secondary Concessions).
Parents who have filled the concession forms said they are yet to receive an update on the application.
Abstract: Concession is a contract under which the state or municipal (town) government grants rights for exploitation of their enterprises or land under certain conditions, with the rights for prospecting of mineral raw materials, building of new enterprises, etc.
Take three Canadian mining corporations, give them the continent's richest gold-mining concession, throw in a bit of bush pilot history and a few lawyers, and what do you get?
This new measure--called the CBRE Concession Values Index--is a feature of CB Richard Ellis' enhanced monthly market report, CBRE MarketView, that the Company is unveiling this month.
These men were awarded a contract at the airport earlier this year to expand its concession outlets.